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Truffle & Honey Ricotta

Truffle Honey Ricotta Recipe

I have been making this ricotta recipe for so many years it has become a family staple that even my sister makes when necessary (sorry Lauren but this is saying something). It might be my most requested recipe and because it is so easy I usually just tell people the three ingredients and let them figure it out but I thought it was time to put it down in writing and out there for people to enjoy.

While Truffle & Honey Ricotta may start out as just a friday night pre-dinner dip, I always make extra and it somehow finds its way onto almost every plate of food the rest of the weekend – a dollop alongside a tomato/avocado salad, subbed in for mayo on a blt, heck just some ricotta toast. The truffle makes any situation a little classier – and I have to insist on truffle salt here, it is pricey but it will last you a lifetime and truffle oil is unreliable because many are chemically flavored (yuck).

Truffle Honey Ricotta Recipe
Truffle Honey Ricotta Recipe
Truffle Honey Ricotta Recipe

This is my most recent use for the ricotta and it was insanely tasty (and easy!). I tossed the tomatoes in some olive oil, popped them in a 450˚F oven for 20 minutes, lightly oiled some bread before grilling and voilà! a perfect little party app!!

Truffle & Honey Ricotta

Yield: 1 cup


  1. 8 oz whole milk ricotta

  2. 1 tsp truffle salt (not oil!! trust me)

  3. 1-2 tsp honey

  4. ½ tsp black pepper


  1. Combine all of the ingredients and adjust the amounts of truffle and honey to your liking.

  2. For company serve as a dip or dollop on top of grilled bread with roasted tomatoes. For an easy dinner make ricotta toast with some arugula and a poached egg.


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