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Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Cake Recipe

If I were a cake, I’m pretty sure I would be a carrot cake. Its not super fancy or fussy, more suited to the home cook than restaurant chef – a tuxedo t-shirt kind of cake if you will – those luscious swirls of cream cheese frosting can make it look formal on the outside but on the inside its a nutty carrot-filled party. Not that i’ve thought much about it or anything.

But seriously, wouldn’t you like a big slice right now? Nothing like a sugar rush to get you through the afternoon and into the weekend!! Happy Friday!

Carrot Cake Recipe
Carrot Cake Recipe
Carrot Cake Recipe
Carrot Cake Recipe
Carrot Cake Recipe


Carrot Cake Recipe

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Carrot Cake Recipe



Carrot Cake Recipe

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Carrot Cake Recipe


Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Yield: 1 cake (2 9" layers)

Based on a recipe by Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery in Boston


  1. 3 eggs (about 150g)

  2. 1½ cups / 330g brown sugar

  3. 1 cup / 225g safflower oil (or other vegetable oil)

  4. ⅓ cup / 90g sour cream

  5. 1 tsp vanilla

  6. 2 cups / 240g flour

  7. 1 tsp / 4g baking powder

  8. 1 tsp / 6g baking soda

  9. 1 tsp salt

  10. 1 tsp cinnamon

  11. ½ tsp ground ginger

  12. 3 cups / 390g grated carrots

  13. 1 cup / 160g golden raisins

  14. 1 cup / 100g walnuts, toasted and chopped

Cream Cheese Frosting:

  1. 8 oz / 227g unsalted butter, at room temp

  2. 16 oz / 454g cream cheese, at room temp

  3. 1 lb / 454g confectioner's sugar, sifted

  4. ¼ cup / 56g heavy cream

  5. pinch of salt

  6. 1 tsp vanilla extract


To Make the Cake:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350˚F. Grease and line (w/ parchment) two 9" cake pans.

  2. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the eggs and brown sugar and using the whisk attachment, beat on medium speed until light and thick (about 3-4 minutes).

  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the sour cream, oil, and vanilla. With the mixer on low, slowly pour this into the egg/sugar mixture - give the sides and bottom of the bowl a good scrape and mix just to combine.

  4. In another bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and ginger.

  5. Using a spatula, fold the dry ingredients into the batter. When most of the flour has been incorporated, add the carrots, raisins and walnuts and mix just until combined.

  6. Divide batter between prepared cake pans and bake for 45-60 minutes, until center is set and edges start to pull away from the sides of the cake pan. Let cool completely before icing.

To Make the Frosting:

  1. Cream the butter and cream cheese in an electric mixer with the paddle attachment, until light and fluffy (about 3 minutes).

  2. Turn the speed down and slowly add the sifted confectioners sugar, scraping the sides and bottom of the bowl. Once all the sugar is in, turn the speed back up to medium and beat until fluffy and a little glossy (3-4 minutes).

  3. Finally add the cream, vanilla and salt. Beat to combine.


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