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Toasted Coconut Meusli

Happy February! I am sorry for my absence last week – I am sure you were all at a total loss as to how you could go on without a recipe from yours truly but I hope you managed and had a lovely weekend. I sure did. I had the apt all to myself and no plans on the ole calendar, which means I got to stay in my pjs, cook lots of tasty things and binge watch vintage Barefoot Contessa on Netflix alllll day. Heaven.

This Toasted Coconut Muesli is one of the items I made and it is my new favorite breakfast of choice. It is a perfect balance between oatmeal and granola – a little soupy and a little crunchy and you can pretty much toss whatever you want in there. So if you don’t like coconut, no worries! sub in some seeds or different nuts or just leave it out. After soaking overnight, top it off with yogurt, jam, a dollop of peanut butter, or heck why not some granola for good measure. The possibilities are endless.

Toasted Coconut Meusli


8-10 servings


For the Muesli Mix:

1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

1 cup slivered almonds

4 cups thick cut rolled oats (I like Bob's Red Mill brand)

¼ chia seeds (optional)

1 cup golden raisins

Single Serving Muesli:

½ cup Muesli Mix

½ - ¾ cup milk (almond, coconut, skim, whole, whatever you like)

½ apple, cut into small cubes


Preheat the oven to 350˚F. Spread the coconut flakes on a sheet pan and toast until golden (about 5-7 minutes). Toast the nuts separately because they will take longer.

Once cool, combine the coconut flakes and nuts with the rolled oats, chia seeds and raisins in a large ziploc or tupperware. This will keep for 2-3 weeks if kept nicely sealed.

To prepare your single serving of muesli, combine ½ cup of the dry mix with the cubed apple and ½ - ¾ cup of milk (enough to just cover everything.

Give it a stir and let soak in the fridge overnight (or at least a few hours).

In the morning add some additional fresh fruit, yogurt, more toasted nuts whatever you like!

hungry for more?

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