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Breakfast Farro w/ Cherries, Honey and Toasted Coconut

This breakfast bowl is inspired by my Mom who is so over the whole boxed cereal thing for breakfast but has a hard time finding something as easy to have on hand that can be put together quickly in the morning. A cooked pot of grains will last you all week in the fridge and when you think about it, we eat oatmeal for breakfast so why not farro!?

I LOVE this cherry, coconut combo. It has such a deep nutty warmth and yet taste wonderfully fresh. Even frozen, thawed cherries would work here, even adding a bit of a sauciness. Yum.

Breakfast Farro w/ Cherries, Honey and Toasted Coconut


2 bowls


1 cup cherries, pitted and halved

a pinch of sugar

1 cup plain greek yogurt

1 tbl honey

1 cup cooked farro or barley

¼ cup coconut flakes, toasted (i used Bob's Red Mill)


Sprinkle cherries with a touch of sugar and let sit anywhere from a few minutes to overnight in the fridge.

Stir honey into greek yogurt - adding more or less according to your taste.

Divide farro into two bowls, top each with a large dollop of yogurt, cherries and the toasted coconut.

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