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Eat Some, Wear Some

New site launching today!!

Tini B’s Kitchen will soon be Eat Some, Wear Some.

When I started my blog, I was determined to get it up and running by myself – easier said than done for someone who uses a computer pretty much exclusively for Word and searching the interwebs. Without really knowing what the heck I was doing, I pieced together Tini B’s and hoped for the best, ignoring the fact that I didn’t really like the aesthetic and it was seriously lacking in basic functionality.

I finally decided to get some professional help.

The new name, Eat Some, Wear Some is something my Mom always said growing up when we spilled on ourselves while eating (something I still do quite often). I find myself saying it not only when a large blob of ketchup lands on my white jeans but more often just to myself in the kitchen when it feels like sh*t is hitting the proverbial fan. Cooking should be fun, it should be relaxing, it should be engaging, and it absolutely should be messy. While I have not perfected embracing the chaos and just letting go, I am working on it (don’t roll your eyes Chris) and I hope to help others do the same – to have fun in the kitchen while making delicious food.

The next post will be from a new and greatly improved Eat Some, Wear Some so stay tuned! I hope you will continue to enjoy reading and making my recipes as much as I enjoy creating and sharing them.

happy cooking!

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