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DIY Cake Bunting: Mother's Day Decorations

DIY Cake Bunting: Mother's Day Decorations

I love this new style of cake decorating because it is so versatile. It can say whatever you want it to say (simply print out your own stencil) and while I guess it is meant for cakes, it can make almost anything just that much more special – from a cake to a terrarium.

So, watch my super nerdy video, have yourself a nice little crafternoon and tell Yo Mama you love her.

Here are some ideas of what to dress up with your DIY Cake Bunting:

Cake Bunting Tools:

  • color paper – a thicker construction or craft paper is best

  • pretty string – really anything works here, I like a natural twine with a fancy metallic swirl

  • two skewers (or something similar)

  • exacto knife or scissors – i like the exacto knife to get those pesky center cutouts but its not like i am creating a masterpiece so scissors would probably get the job done

  • cutting matt or thick cardboard – apparently the cutting matts you get at art supply stores are “self healing” –  I mean that is crazy! why can’t I be self healing!!?

  • stencil printout – find a type you like that is bold and pretty – go wild!

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